Types of Solar Solutions

Types of Solar Systems Installations Available

Types of Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Panels for Electricity

Solar Hot Water

Solar Battery Backup

Enphase Micro Converters

Solar Energy Inverter

Roof Racking

Ground Mounts

Solar World Panels

California Coast Builders, Inc. is an authorized installer of Solar World USA.

Every SolarWorld cell and module is individually inspected and tested. They offer both a 25 & 30-year performance warranty option.

99% of customers state: "SolarWorld stands for proven product quality."

SolarWorld Americas is consistently recognized for superior manufacturing, high-quality construction, ultimate reliability and extraordinary performance.

Benefits of our Solar Solutions

Save money on your energy bill. Why give your hard-earned money away to a power company or SDGE? Solar energy helps keep money in your pocket.

Increase the equity of your house and property.

Reduces the carbon footprint

Creates sustainable, environmental-friendly communities

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