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California Encourages West Facing Solar Panels


Rooftop solar panels in North America face south. That’s just the way we do it. But California recently began to incentivize west-facing panels over south-facing solar.

New guidelines from the California Energy Commission call for a 15 percent higher rebates for west-facing solar arrays than for south-facing solar panels.

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SDGE Solar Overview


Even SDG&E is telling us to go Solar. Call California Coast Builders today to have our Solar Energy Consultants show you how much we can help you save. 858-750-2777

Solar Overview

Considering solar for your home or business?

With over 260 days of sunshine a year, it's not surprising that Southern California is one of the best places for tapping into solar energy.  If you're thinking of going solar at your home or business you have more options than ever before and there's help, too. You may qualify for local, state and Federal incentives. There are also special metering programs that may qualify you for bill credits.

Are you ready for solar?

The decision to install a photovoltaic or PV system on your property requires careful consideration of a variety of factors: cost, financing, availability of rebates and incentives, maintenance requirements, the slope of your roof (south or west facing is best) and whether or not your roof receives shade for all or part of the day (this will affect your solar production.)

Costs and benefits

Interested in finding out about the potential costs and benefits of installing a PV system at your home or business?  Review our Solar Information Fact Sheets:

For more information from SDGE visit:

Water Levels Dropping



Water levels from a San Diego Source are dropping. Rates will continue to rise. Installing Solar on your home today, will lock in your rates with a great Return On Investment. (ROI)

Receding Lake Mead poses challenges to Hoover Dam's power output, read more at: E&E Publishing

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